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Concert for a Cause - Concert for Applause!

Congratulations to the Tudor Choristers and Scrub Choir for an excellent collaboration today celebrating Essential Workers.

Sharing the stage separately and together was a delight and it was interspersed with notes from a Music Therapist, ICU Nurse, Infection Control Specialist and Forensic Pathologist who all spoke to the power of music and the love of community.

Feel like you missed the concert?

Well, you might have missed the in-person experience; however, you can still view the concert and in the process add your livestream fee to the donations to Royal Melbourne Hospital's Scrub Choir and Music Therapy

Head over to our "Look and Listen" page to see the livestream videos - select the Concert for a Cause 23 link and follow the prompts to 'rent' the video

Just want to donate?

Well you can do that too - the form at the bottom of the Concert for a Cause event page allows you to donate through Tudor Choristers to the Scrub Choir and Music Therapy

What's next with the Tudor Choristers?

Well, funny you should ask! Only the brand new Yule in Jule™ event at the Seafarer's Mission in Docklands on July 15th!

Early Bird and Concessional tickets are on sale now for Ye Olde Midwinter Banquet hosted by the Tudor Choristers with MC Mr Andy Payne, joined by the Courtly Dancers of Victoria.

Celebrate Midwinter at a 3-course rustic feast with friends and family while supporting the Tudor Choristers. Fully licensed bar, music and dance performances, opt. costume contest.

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